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Console and Mobile Port Status Update

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018 12:01PM PST
For quite a while now we have been working to sync up our update schedules for console and mobile with the live versions on PC/Mac/Linux, including updates and events such as The Forge and holiday events. 
Unfortunately we haven’t been successful in getting things to where we want them to be in a timely fashion. We are making some operational changes to fix this and we wanted to update you all and let you know what we’re doing to fix the situation.

Without getting into the boring details, between launching on Xbox, working on releasing a retail version and localizing the games for 8 languages, we have overloaded our porting partners which resulted in limited resources getting in the way of other projects like DS updates on console and mobile as well as DST event updates. 

We had previously made some attempts to correct this without significant operational changes, however this was not as effective as we had hoped so we are going to bring DST updates back inhouse so that Don’t Starve Together can get it’s frequent updates more synchronized with what is currently live; it’s just a lot easier and faster for us to do these ourselves. While we would like to have simultaneous launches on console with the Steam version, certification still makes that unlikely - however we anticipate these updates to be about a week or two apart once we catch back up. 

This opens up our porting partner to focus on what they do best and work on new platforms and updates that are less time sensitive from a player perspective.

We have already begun this transition and we believe we should see the results of these changes very soon. By the end of February, we should have the localizations ready for Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together which has been holding up Don’t Starve and Shipwrecked bug fixes on console and mobile. Shortly after that bring the Forge to Console and that point we should be caught up with the new operating schedule. 

We sincerely apologize about this misstep. All of our fans are important to us and we’re sorry that we let some of you down. Thanks to everybody for your support. If you have questions that we haven’t addressed here, please post on our forum thread and we will answer what we can.

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